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African Grey Parrots For Sale - Don't Get Conned!


Staff member
Before you decide to take anyone up on their offer of African Grey parrots for sale there are a few things you should consider. Parrots are expensive creatures to buy and to keep.

They are expensive in terms of money AND, possibly more importantly, time. Parrots are not pets like cats or dogs that you can by and large leave to their own devices. Sure, you might need to walk your dog from time to time but generally these other pets keep themselves amused. Not so the parrot. The following will help you decide whether being a parrot owner is for you.

Time is one of the biggest factors in owning a parrot especially if you want to hear your African grey parrot talking. Your time. Parrots need and demand a lot of attention. Ideally they should be out of their cages on a daily basis so they can interact with their new flock, you and your family as well as play outside their cages. Your bird will decide who, from its new flock, will be its favorite person and it is this favored person whose time your bird will demand. And they can get very vocal about it. So, do you have the time to spend with your parrot?

Why do you want a parrot? Do you want it for a companion, plaything, ornament or because you've seen the latest pirate movie and think a parrot on your shoulder would be cool? Do you want it so you can hear your African grey parrot talking and see him do tricks? Parrots don't do well as ornaments and for everything else a lot of time and patience is required. Do you have the patience and the temperament to go the distance or are you easily bored and quickly move on to the next thing?

Parrots as well as being highly intelligent birds are very sensitive so their owners need to be even tempered. Your bird will not react well to punishment so you need to be cool, calm and collected.

Are you prone to loud outbursts? Parrots in the home will become afraid if there are volatile commotions happening around them. They will become introverted, miserable and you won't hear your African grey parrot talking.

Parrots are expensive to buy and keep. Apart from the cost of the bird there is the correct sized African grey parrot cage, play gym, bird toys, proper African grey parrot food (not just seed) and vets bills should he become ill. Are you prepared for these kinds of expenses?

Parrots live for a long time, some for more than 50 years. What is your long term plan for your bird? Who is going to outlive who? And if your bird is likely to live longer than you what can you do to ensure your pet is well looked after you have gone.

Your parrot needs good food every day. Fruit and vegetables, not just seed, although small amounts of seed are good for him. It's not just the fact your bird needs food, the food has to be prepared. Fruit needs to be peeled, sliced or diced. Vegetables also need to be prepared and some of them cooked. This also takes time and effort. Are you willing to do this?

Parrots become bored very easily so they need constant stimulation. Boredom can result in your African grey feather plucking. New toys and playthings, new adventures with their owners like training them to do various things. All the sort of things that take a lot of your time. You will need to educate yourself about your bird and what he is capable of. There are plenty of books and DVDs available that can help.

Your parrot's cage will need regular cleaning. Do you have the time and energy for this because this can become a real schlepp? You have to really want a parrot to get through this.

Your parrot himself will also need regular bathing and trips to the vet to make sure he is in tip top condition. Will you be able to handle this?

You won't just hear your African grey parrot talking, parrots are very noisy birds. They scream, screech and whistle as well! How will your neighbors handle the arrival of your bird? Depends a lot on where you live - house in the suburbs or apartment in a very built up area. What will their reaction be to your new arrival?

There is a lot to consider before looking for African Grey parrots for sale and it really is no good if you are intending to buy one on a whim. Parrots are magnificent creatures and deserve better than that.

If you find this thread/post informative, feel free to share it with your family or friends as it might be helpful to them.

Stay safe!