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The Congo African Grey and the Timneh African Grey parrots


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Originating from Central Africa, the African Grey Parrot is considered one of the most beautiful species of parrots and highly intelligent. The African Grey Parrot is popular because of their extraordinary speaking skills and socialization. However, African parrots can be a challenge to care for.

The Congo African Grey and the Timneh African Grey parrots that make up the African Parrot species. The Congo African Grey is the most brightly colored with a red tail and is light grey on the body. A maroon tail with a darker grey color defines the Timneh African Grey. Males will grow up to 14 inches and have a larger head than the females.

It is essential to be very sure that African parrots as pets are really wanted as they can live up to 60 years. This is very important to African parrots. New parrot owners would be better suited to a different kind of parrot than the African parrots because of the behavioral needs. Boredom comes easily to African Grey parrots and they will possibly tear things up in their boredom. When upset, they tend to pull their own feathers out or to self mutilate itself with its claws.

Social interaction is a necessity for African Grey parrots to help with the boredom issue. Kissing and cuddling are forms of expression in the wild for African Grey parrots. Since they would rather be with you outside the cage, allow the African Grey to sit on your shoulder or fly about the room. If left alone for long periods, the African Grey parrot will become agitated and start shrieking, plucking its own feathers and tearing the inside of the cage up.

In spite of this, the African Grey is very easy to train as they are adept at mimicking human behavior as well as having a unique ability to speak quite well and have a large vocabulary. The intelligence of this species is actually quite spectacular to behold.

African Grey parrots are perfect for individuals who truly love a bird as a companion. The African Grey Parrot is a wonderful pet to have. This species will give you years of companionship and joy. If the parrot is cared for correctly, the parrot will be devoted to you and will want and need you on a daily basis.

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