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African Grey Parrots Intelligent, Loving and Temperamental


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African Grey parrots earned their popularity during the time of King Henry VIII of England because of their extreme ability to speak. Since then, many affluent families have adopted this culture and possessed them to pass it to other generations.

Today any family can enjoy the African grey parrot as a wonderful pet. If fact, there are countless of African Grey parrots being hand raised by various breeders around the world. The African grey parrot is one of the most popular choices for pet parrots because they are loving, intelligent, easy to train and amazing as companions.

Despite its excellent traits, and characteristics, the African grey parrot may not suitable for all environments because they can be temperamental and aggressive at times.

Families with small children in their homes would be wise not to choose the grey as a pet because, they can be strong, can bite using their pointed beak, and can scratch with their daunting claws that can extremely hurt roaming kids.

If you are gone for long periods of time and have a busy schedule you should also avoid the African grey parrot as a pet due to their being extremely temperamental, shy, even known to be a bit neurotic.
You should definitely have time to devote to your pet parrot because they do require so much attention and dedication every day.

Here is what you need to know.

Do your research. Take the time to learn about African grey parrots before you purchase one. Having an understanding of the temperamental behaviors of this incredible bird will better prepare you to be a successful parrot owner.

Do you have a need for an intelligent pet?

One of the greatest advantages of African Grey parrots is the amazing intelligence of this species. Known for their ability to mimic just about any sound compared to other parrots, the African grey has an exceptional gift of speech. There is now doubt they even understand the human language when trained properly to do so and they have great in problem solving, and have high reasoning skills.

Obviously, the African grey parrot has it's roots in Africa and has four subspecies including the Congo that is approximately 12 inches to 30 cm long, possesses light grey feathers, and has deep red tails and black beaks.

The Timneh are a smaller compared to the Congo and posses a darker charcoal gray color, and a darker maroon tail along with a colored horn beak.

The Ghana is similar to the Congo but darker and smaller and finally the Cameroon parrot also known as the big silvers.

Remember, do your research before buying a parrot as a pet. You will be protecting your investment and the life of your African grey parrots for a very rewarding and fun relationship.