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Breeding African Grey Parrots Tips


Staff member
A parrot is one of the most favorite birds all over the world. Many people prefer keeping a parrot, because it can be maintained by making fewer expenses. Many types of parrots are available in pet stores including Amazon parrots, conures, pionus, African Gray parrots and lovebirds. The most interesting thing about a parrot is that you can train them to talk with you. Some parrots prefer to make sound effects than using words. Have you every thought about raising African Gray Parrots? Great, here are a few pointers to help you get started on breeding parrots.

Many people make mistakes when they start breeding parrots for the first time due to the lack of experience and helpful resources. If you do not know about parrot breeding or which is the ideal time for it, you can get valuable information from the internet on it. You can also contact to the other breeders to know about parrot breeding.

Like other birds, the parrots also prefer privacy, therefore, let them go out of the cage and do what they have to do. Do not put them in a small cage, always try to provide larger cage where they can feel comfortable. If you put them in a small cage, your parrots can get to fat due to lack of exercises and their eggs can become infertile.

During the breeding season, the male generally tries to drive the hen away from any human. He thinks that a human being is a threat for his female and he considers that you are trying to harm or take away his mate. Mating season is the time when you should be always cautious. During this season, all the breeding pairs become terribly violent towards humans.

The African Gray’s do not have a particular breeding season. They can laze at any season of the year. You can easily control them if the weather is more positive for the endurance of cheeks and less arduous for the parents. The mild and dry weather is the perfect period to make them to lie. If you have a pair of African Gray’s, and you want to make them breed, provide them sufficient food and atmosphere for it. It will make easy breeding parrots easy. Most birds have a breeding season and it is a time connected with the food accessibility for the young birds.

If the parrots do not find sufficient food anywhere, they never waste their time on egg laying. Therefore, a complete nourishment of your pets is very important. You can provide them essential nutrients by sprinkling vitamin and mineral powder on the vegetables.

Generally, November, December, January and February are considered as cold wet months and raising chicks during these months can be tricky. Therefore, provide fruits and feed seed daily in these months. The mixture of fruits and feed seed is the best nutrition for the birds and it helps them to be recovering from breeding and to stay alive in the harsh winter. In this way, with the help of the helpful resources for parrot care and some experts, you can arrange breeding parrots activities.

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