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Moving Tips for Pets


Staff member
Moving to a new home can be as daunting for your furry friend as it is for you. Here's how to make the transition smoother for your pet:

Stick to Routine: Keep your pet's routine as normal as possible during the packing process. Gradual packing and sticking to regular schedules can help reduce stress.

Secure Your Pet: On moving day, keep your pet in a safe, quiet area like the bathroom or a pet carrier to prevent escape. Use a clear "DO NOT ENTER" sign if you choose a room. Get your pet used to the carrier beforehand.

Update ID Tags: Invest in a new ID tag with your updated contact information to ensure your pet can find their way home if lost.

Safe Car Travel: Ensure your pet is securely restrained in the car with a travel harness or carrier. Avoid distractions and make frequent stops.

Consult Your Vet:
Talk to your vet about traveling with a pet who's anxious. They may suggest strategies or medication to ease stress. Also, check if your pet needs any additional vaccinations or health certificates.

Book Pet-Friendly Accommodation: Plan ahead and find pet-friendly lodging for your journey.

Air Travel Planning: If flying, consult your vet and the airline for specific rules and requirements.

Prepare Your New Home: Bring along familiar items to help your pet feel comfortable in their new environment.

Keep a Photo: Have a recent photo of your pet in case they go missing.

By following these tips, you can ensure a smoother and safer journey for your pet to their new home.​