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Welcome to The Hangout!


Staff member
Hey Parrot Enthusiasts!
Welcome to "The Hangout"!

It's a great place for conversations, and can be used more like a chat room if you like. This is YOUR forum!

Sometimes threads can get hijacked by someone else without them meaning to, and the thread gets off track from the original question.
If a person is hijacking their own thread that's absolutely fine, but hijacking someone else's thread can mean that the people never gets an answer to their question.

This forum section is intended as a place to bring those side conversations, as it is more respectful to the members with questions or who may be asking for help.

For friends who want to chat about a TV series, book, or any other off topic conversations, this is also the place to be! :)

All TiktokParrit Forum Rules will remain in effect, and please remember that personal information such as address, phone number, email, not allowed elsewhere on the forum, are not allowed here either.

This forum will be moderated just like all of the other forums, so we appreciate your respect for other members.

Please remember that nothing is private here, anyone going to The Hangout will be able to read everything.

Most importantly, have fun! We hope you enjoy the new forum!

Stay safe!