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Train Your Parrot To Talk


Staff member
Training your pet parrots to talk can be very easy to do if you know how. Let's face it, most owners of parrots bought them to hear them talk. Some of them may even resort in hiring professionals to train your parrot to talk for a more positive outcome, but really, training your parrots to talk can be easy. It will only require patience, dedication and lots of imagination.

During the ancient times, Jalal ad-Din Rumi, the founder of the "whirling dervishes wrote in about 1250 AD Parrots are taught to speak without understanding the words. The method is to place a mirror between the parrot and the trainer. The trainer, hidden by the mirror, utters the words, and the parrot, seeing his own reflection in the mirror, fancies another parrot is speaking, and imitates all that is said by the trainer behind the mirror.

Developing an early bond with your parrot is very important in teaching your parrot to talk, this concept has not changed and that is to start your parrot training course as early as you can.

Please note that it is very important for you to develop a bond with your birds, until they become at ease with you will make their training much easier. You should make sure that you spend time talking to your pets, keep them in very comfortable cages and gain their trust until they respond to your prompts.

Daily 15 to 20 minute lessons in pronunciation should be conducted. Hold your parrot in your hands, let it sit or rest until it is comfortable. Try to start with simple phrases like "Good Morning" or "Good Day." Repeat the phrases over and over again during the lessons.

Remember to give your parrot praise and provide them with a reward with each successful attempt with the training you are providing. Keep it simple with simple easy words because more complicated phrases will only confuse your pet parrot.

As a parrot owner, now a "wild animal trainer," you can use a complete parrot training course to help you get your desired results teaching your parrot to produce sounds you are longing to hear them repeat.

Training your parrots to talk can be fun and very rewarding task, especially when you are seeing successful results.

Warning! Train your parrot to talk, not to say bad things.

Please do not teach your parrot "bad words" even though it may be humorous at times, in the long run it will only reflect poorly on you the pet owner and could prove to be very embarrassing.

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