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The Intelligent Mixture of Beauty and Brains in the African Grey Parrot


Staff member
The African Grey Parrot is the Cadillac of the parrot kingdom possibly the entire bird kingdom as it qualifies through incredible beauty and high intellect. Which makes it to no surprise that it is considered the ultimate mix of “beauty and brains” in the parrot kingdom. The bird is a gifted performer, is capable of learning an extensive vocabulary, and will turn the heads of many admirers when you walk with the parrot in any setting.

The African Grey Parrot is not only a loyal companion; it can be very protective as it is not only intelligent, by highly observant and focused, making it a great watch dog. The vocabulary of the African Grey can become intensive when trained to speak.

They are also able to think in a cause-and-effect manner, which often times you will feel as though you are dealing with a young child who is testing your limits, or learning something new. Although the characteristics and intelligence of the African Grey Parrot is humanistic, the African Grey Parrot is a wild animal and it must be cared for properly, with understanding and love in order to build a strong bond with humans.

The African Grey parrot comes from two different families. The Congo African Grey and the Timneh African Grey. The two families are distinguished by the difference in color. The Congo African Grey is a lighter grey color with red tail and the Timneh African Grey is a darker charcoal grey with a cherry-red tail. The size of the African Grey parrot is about 12 to 14 inches and it can live to be up to 60 years of age.

The African Grey parrot will require a stimulating and interesting environment- not to mention, challenging. Without providing an environment that will challenge the parrot, the African Grey could develop behavior problems. With their intelligence comes emotions and sensitivity, and the African Grey will require attention, structure, and proper care, or depression could set in. It is necessary to have a strong commitment to the parrot before you consider the parrot as a pet.

The African Grey parrot is quick to learn and it will be necessary to train them properly to avoid biting and chewing. The African Grey parrot will require an owner that will ensure that all their needs are met. This will include a safe a secure environment, an optimal diet, plenty of love and attention, and time to fly each day.

The African Grey is an affectionate bird that will require petting. Although they may not like you to overly adore them with constant petting and cooing they will require time to be petted each day. With the African Grey parrot you will possibly have one of the greatest companions of your life. You certainly will have one of the longest companions of your life- which should be a consideration if you are elderly. The African Grey parrot will live a long healthy life with the proper care and knowing you will be there to care for it is also a factor when considering providing a home.

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Stay safe!​