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The Behaviour & Nature of Macaw Parrot


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Macaw is emotionally significant, their voices and attitudes represent their big personality. Even if you notice them correctly the small macaw parrots behave like a big one inside.
You can see the beauty of macaw parrots in their feathers. Their different types and colors of feathers have attracted the attention of humans through history. Their feathers are the most expensive things in the world. Their feathers some time used as adornment and were found at ceremonial and burial sites. Their feathers are also used in textiles and many other cultural activities in south America. Due to the fragile nature of the feathers, many of these segments have begun to deteriorate over time.

Macaw is emotionally significant, their voices and attitudes represent their big personality. Even if you notice them correctly the small macaw parrots behave like a big one inside. Because of their beauty in nature and so colorful feathers they like the attention of humans in captivity.

But their attention is quite different from any other parrots, because they always remain quiet. Sometimes you can notice their bluster when they see their keeper. In this case keepers are usually loving hearts for their parrots. Like any other parrots, macaw parrots love chewable toys, also toys made of woods. They like to destroy their toys, so you have to keep a lot of them for their playing. You have to keep this note on your budget planning.

Macaw is one of the intelligent parrots. They like to eat fresh foods, usually they spend lots of time by eating their foods. Macaw needs attention from its audiences, it will maintain and stable their mental health. Macaw turns their flush when they are super excited.

Feeding & Care of Macaw Parrots

You should have to give them big spaces to prevent its feather hitting the cage. If you keep them in a small or middle sized cage, there will be a possibility to bend or break their tail feathers. Overall, the macaw needs a big and comfortable cage, so that they can play and get enough space for exercise.

So as a keeper you have to keep this in your account. Macaw loves to eat fruits, flowers, palm nuts, leaves, nectar etc. Sometimes they need more fats in their diet. The wild macaw are hunting foods from the rainforest and nesting nearby where they easily find their food. Captive macaws are more likely to lead and have a happier and easy life than the wild macaws but eventually they forget their natural ability.

We should care for them

Regrettably, the attractiveness of these birds occasionally comes at a price. Very heavy trapping for the wild bird trade, combined with ongoing habitat destruction, has led many macaw species to be endangered in the wild, such as the Lear’s Macaw and Blue-throated Macaw. In fact, the increasingly rare Spix’s Macaw may already be extinct in the wild, with a world population of only 130 in captive care.

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Stay safe!