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What do we do about African grey nesting behaviour?


Staff member
Your Grey relies on you to provide company and this can extend to the idea that you can be its mate. In the wild they select a mate and pair for life.

They are very choosy and that is why a pair of Greys in captivity won't necessarily breed. Your Grey might regurgitate for you, it might start to put its wings out and make little squeaky noises. Both males and females do this but it should be discouraged by gentle distraction.

Similarly if a lone female is starting to scratch around on the floor and treating toys as if they are eggs, try to distract her by rearranging the cage or providing new toys. If it is too late and she lays an egg, leave it with her until she gets bored but make sure she has plenty of calcium in her diet.

You can read more about male parrot nesting behavior and about female parrot nesting behavior!

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