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Simple But Powerful Parrots Information


Staff member
A parrot is one of the most preferred pet birds. There is a fast increase in the trend to own a parrot, because it is considered as a low maintenance companion. Parrots are not only beautiful but also quite intelligent. If you wish to own a parrot, you find valuable information on parrots from various sources including websites, parrot rescue centers, books and magazines. Generally, the parrots are found in most of the warm regions of the world including West Africa, India and Southeast Asia.

Most parrot species also exist in South America, Australia and Central America. Parrots are kept as pets and if you try to find information on parrots, you will notice that macaws, conures, cockatoos, Amazons, lovebirds, African Grays and parakeets are the most popular species of parrots. These parrots have affluent and mixed coloration. Somewhere you can find parrots with cut wings, but most of the people keep big wings parrots. Some of the parrot species including Amazon parrots, macaws, cockatoos and African Gray parrots live very long life up to 80 years.

Many people try to teach their parrots to talk. However, the important thing while training your parrot to talk is to talk to your bird for as much as possible. Instead of repeating only one word frequently, really talk to your parrot for more time. Many parrot experts suggest informing your pet what you are doing. At the same time, you should ask him what he is doing now.

If you say hello while entering in his room and good-bye at the time of leaving the room frequently, he also will respond you in the same way. Your parrot cannot start chatting in a day, but with the regular practice of listening, he can try to repeat some of the words you have said to him.

Some parrots prefer making sound effects than using words. Such parrots can sound accurately as the ring of your telephone or like microwave oven beep. The African Gray parrots are very clever birds and they are famous for their wonderful talking skill. There are two main types of African Gray parrots which are Timneh and Congo.

If you try to search information on parrots on the internet, you will find various species of parrots there. Lovebird is one of the major species of the parrots. The lovebirds are attractive and amusing pets. There are about nine lovebird species, but some of them are generally not kept as pets.

Some of the more common South American parrots are macaws, conures, pionus and caigues. The Amazon parrots differ in nature, shape, sound and color. The macaws are found into two sizes the larger and the smaller. Both the types of birds are brilliant, colorful and humorous. The conures are found in the natural colors and they are very famous as pets.

You can also get valuable information on parrots from the parrot rescue centers. These centers are committed to improve the lives of injured, mistreated and unwanted parrots. Most of the rescue centers provide the suitable atmosphere to the parrots and they train people on matters of diet, accommodation and health care for the betterment of parrots.