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African Grey Parrot Cage | A Simple Guide For New Owners


Staff member
You have to keep your birds in the cage, so I prefer the cage to be a good one otherwise your bird will suffer suffocation and a lot more things. To choose a cage you have to be wise. You have to keep several variables in your mind such as bird size, amount of birds, food supply etc. So experts suggest buying big cages for your birds because they will feel comfortable in big cages. In general if you use a larger cage then you are able to see that your birds are more active than others. Also another key factor is how many days your bird will spend in the cage.

Some birds always remain in the cage but some do not always remain in the cage such as pigeons. So for them you can choose a temporary cage. When a bird stays day and night in the cage it needs more space and a larger cage than the bird who only stays at night in the cage. Some birds have special requirements like horizontal bars because they like to climb bars from bars.

Breeding birds will require a nest or breeding box in the cage and the cage has to be larger. As we are talking about African grey parrots it will need secure and latching mechanisms to prevent them from figuring them and also they like chewable toys in their cages to keep them entertained. To keep parrots in cages avoid buying zinc coated cages because it could cause toxicity to parrots.

Try to buy iron cages with non toxic paint in it. You have to keep in mind to buy a larger cage for parrots because it will allow it to easily extend its wings fully without hitting the cage sides or toys or objects in the cage. There are some rules you have to follow to pet birds in different countries. In some countries if you buy a cage which does not permit to spread his wings will be illegal.

Cages should also be equipped with appropriate perches. There should be several diameters of perches available, but the diameter should be large enough so that the bird’s toes are unable to overlap or completely wrap around the perch. Flight cages and aviaries should be equipped with perches at each end with open space in the middle for flight.

For you African grey parrots there will be a lot of cages in the market but choose wisely. With a practical structure that’s intended for ultimate safety and security, these cages fit well in any room. If the cage is crafted with work, it will be looking good besides your parrots will also love artifacts. Make sure that your cages build with the highest quality material with iron powder coated steel and aluminum. Choose beautiful and well constructed cages.

For your spectacular pet, you want an African Grey Parrot cage that is spectacular as well. And one thing: Don’t settle for cheap sub-par products, you bird deserves the best.

You have to keep in mind that you shouldn’t keep your pet grey all time in the cage. At least authorize your parrots 1 or 2 hour to spend time out of their cages for their daily exercises. It will keep them more stimulated.

African grey parrots are very sensitive and easily stressed and get emotional. So give him proper time and affection, adore it, also have to keep in mind that you should put the cage in a quiet place like a corner in the room, suggestion is not to put it in the center of the room.

If you find this thread/post informative, feel free to share it with your family or friends as it might be helpful to them.

Stay safe!