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Mammoth Pet Beds – Soft Beds Made of Tough Stuff


Staff member
Anyone who has seen a dog preparing to lie down and sleep knows that they can be pretty tough on their beds. Add to that the fact that for dogs, just like us, beds are places not only to sleep but to relax, play, lounge and roughhouse, you will realize that a pet bed has to withstand some pretty rough handling.

Also, remember that dogs don’t tend to take showers before they lie down after coming into the house muddy and sweaty from a romp in the park. Durability and ease of cleanliness are of paramount importance in dog beds so luckily they are of paramount importance with Mammoth Pet Beds. But you will love the price too.


We all know that dogs shed hairs. Anyone who has got dressed for an evening out and bent down to give his or her beloved pet a goodbye pat is fully aware of that. Most of us will also have cringed when an over exuberant family pet has jumped up and drooled all over your important dinner guests. And I know many people will be able to relate to the horror of muddy paw prints tracked all over a freshly vacuumed carpet, too.

Well, their beds have to withstand all of this shedding, drool and dirt, too. For Mammoth Pet Beds, such rough treatment is no problem. Their stuffing is hypoallergenic, mold resistant and repels parasites. Their covers are treated with Scotchguard for minor stains, and for more heavy-duty dirt, you need not worry, either: simply remove the washable cover and toss it in the washing machine. Problem solved! Even if your dear old dog develops incontinence issues, dirt and smell need never be a problem with Mammoth Pet Beds.


Dogs chew, scratch and dig. They do all of these things on the places in which they sleep or rest, too. You don’t want them doing that on your sofa, do you? That’s another reason you need Mammoth Pet Beds as your dog will actually lie there in preference to a human chair or bed. It’s more comfortable for them. These pet beds are made of strong frames and durable materials that are able to withstand all the abuse your dog hands out (or should that be paws in) to the bed!

The Polypropylene covers won’t tear or be damaged in the way that your sofa upholstery definitely would but at the same time, Mammoth Pet Beds are available covered in a wide variety of industrial strength fabrics and materials, even leatherette, to match any taste or room décor. They are easy to launder and won’t be damaged in the process, even after years.

You will never feel like hiding away a tatty old dog bed again. For minimal outlay at the start, Mammoth Pet Beds will last well into the future and allow your human furniture to do the same; why, you could even call them an investment! Over ten years of professional research have gone into making Mammoth Pet Beds the quality products that they are.