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Advice On Pet Birds


Staff member
Although they are found in lots of households, pet birds often remind people of how being caged or trapped feels like. It is inhumane to keep a bird captive and caged for a lifetime. Mother Nature made them capable to fly out in the open, to see the sky and enjoy the beautiful canopy of rain forests. Yet, we keep them indoors because they look colorful, they say some witty words or they sing nicely.

Pet birds are different from this perspective from any other types of pets. Birds cannot turn into man’s companions the way cats and dogs do. Many people take parrots for pet birds just because they were smitten by an unexpected ‘Hello’ when entering a pet shop. Yet, they make such choices without being aware of the full implications of having such animals around the house. Did you know there are parrot species that can live up to 100 years?

Moreover, the perspective of such long captivity is terrible It’s sad, it’s appalling and inhumane. And if you think otherwise, you are incredibly selfish or ignorant. We should not have pet birds at all. They should enjoy their freedom just as you enjoy yours! They can make life a lot more beautiful from the branch of a tree. There’s no room for pet birds in a family kitchen. If you think you’ll make kids happy with such an ‘asset’, think again! You’ll just teach them no respect for life and freedom.

Except for domestic birds that grow around the house in the backyard, no flying creature makes a good pet. Their purpose is solely decorative, and from this point of view, pet birds only seem to satisfy a superficial penchant for ‘natural beauty’. If you are such a great nature lover, then, go to the forest, to a national park and admire animals and birds in their free splendor, but don’t take pet birds.

The tone of this article has certainly been cynical and critical, but take it as a wake up call. Environmental awareness may start precisely in your family kitchen. All God’s creatures deserve respect and freedom. If more people started thinking like this, there would be fewer environment problems and more balance in this world. May you have a wonderful and natural life!

If you find this thread/post informative, feel free to share it with your family or friends as it might be helpful to them.

Stay safe!​