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Introducing TiktokParrot Forum User Titles!


Staff member
🎉 Attention all TiktokParrot Forum users! 🎉

Are you ready to level up your forum status and showcase your expertise in all things parrots?
We're excited to introduce our brand new User Title ladder, designed to reward your participation and contributions to our vibrant community.

Here's how it works:

🥚 In egg (0 - 5 posts): Just getting started? You'll be recognized as an "In egg" member as you hatch your presence on the forum.

🐣 Nestling (5 - 10 posts): Begin to spread your wings as a "Nestling" and explore more of what our forum has to offer.

🐤 Hatching (10 - 20 posts): Your presence is growing stronger, earning you the title of "Hatching" as you become more involved in our discussions.

🐥 Chick (20 - 50 posts): You're growing into your role as a forum member, earning the title of "Chick" as you continue to engage with our community.

🐦 Fledgling (50 - 70 posts): Spread your wings and soar as a "Fledgling," showing off your growing expertise and participation.

🐤 Juvenile (70 - 100 posts): Transition into the next stage of forum membership as a "Juvenile," where your contributions are becoming more significant.

🦜 Immature (100 - 150 posts): Your voice is starting to be heard loud and clear as an "Immature" member of our community.

🦜 Adult (150 - 250 posts): Congratulations, you've reached "Adult" status! Your contributions are valued and respected among our forum members.

🐦 Squawker (250 - 350 posts): Become a "Squawker" and make your presence known with your insightful comments and discussions.

🦜 Sassy Squawker (350 - 450 posts): Your confidence and expertise shine through as a "Sassy Squawker," adding flair to our forum discussions.

🦜 Squawkologist (450 - 500 posts): You've reached the pinnacle of forum participation as a "Squawkologist," demonstrating your deep knowledge and commitment to our community.

👑 Chief Squawkologist (500 - 1000 posts): The honor awaits as a "Chief Squawkologist," where your contributions are celebrated and revered by all.

🏆 Parrot Pundit (1000+ posts): You've ascended to the highest echelon of forum membership as a "Parrot Pundit," recognized for your extraordinary dedication and expertise.

So, what are you waiting for?
Start posting, engaging, and climbing the ranks to earn your coveted User Title on TiktokParrot Forum!

Let's make our community soar together. 🦜✨