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Do's and Don'ts on this Parrot Forum


Staff member
🎉 Attention all TiktokParrot Forum users! 🎉

As a team of moderators, we thought we'd put up some guidelines for all our lovely members:
  • Don't share personal information like home addresses and telephone numbers. There are a lot of folks out there who'd like to borrow your identity.
  • Treat all contributors as you would like to be treated yourself.
  • Remember respect is earned, not demanded, and even on a forum, how one conducts oneself will bear weight.
  • Don't hijack threads of others. If you have a point over which you feel strongly that may not have direct bearing on the conversation, by all means reference it; however, if you want more in-depth discussion, it's more courteous to start another thread with the topic.
  • Remember there are folks of all races, ages & creeds online and content should always remain acceptable for all.
  • Moderators will continuously monitor the contributions of members and, in some cases, might feel the need to move, modify, edit or delete portions of or indeed the whole thread. This is in an effort to keep the forum as a space in which all can feel comfortable to contribute. Be aware that this may happen and if it does, understand why it did.
  • Shoutboxes, while wonderful as places to pop your thoughts, are open forums available to everyone. Try to keep your shouts brief and within the bounds of the tone of the shoutbox platform. Avoid using this as your soapbox, especially if you'd like to start a conversation or debate. Rather, do this in a thread.
Let's make our community soar together. 🦜✨
Thank you for reading.