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Cockatoo Parrots Are Amazing Pets


Staff member
Cockatoo Parrots are very intelligent creatures. The Cockatoo is a very intelligent, generally docile, and sometimes capable of mimicking human speech. If trained properly they can even solve a puzzle.

Cockatoos parrots are one of the many species of parrots. Cockatoos belong to the family Cacatuidae of the order Psittaciformes. Cockatoos are found in Australia, the East Indies, and the Philippines.

Cockatoos feed on vegetation, sometimes damaging crops, and are usually gregarious. Courtship involves preening and mutual feeding. They nest in a natural hollow in trees or rocks, where the female lays two to four eggs; both parents care for the young.

They are near cousins of magnificent Macaws. These parrots have a long life that can go up to a 100 years. These parrots have sizes that can range from 11 inches to 29 inches.

Cockatoos parrots are extremely beautiful birds. These are the most unusual parrots because they sometimes act more like a dog rather than a bird. These parrots will definitely touch your heart. You will be compelled to buy a cockatoos parrot and take it home.

The molten eyes of these birds are like black liquescent pools that are always inquisitive to know about each and everything. Baby cockatoos are really sweet, too. When they look at you, they observe your facial expressions very carefully. If you look into their eyes, you feel as if you are looking right into their souls. Generally cockatoos are white or pink in color.

Cockatoos parrots posses a bald spot on top of their head. An erectile crest covers the bald spot. Feathers of cockatoos are coated with powder that acts as a protective covering. The powder also gives a silky texture to the feathers.

Male cockatoos have black or dark brown eyes while female cockatoos are light or burgundy brown. Cockatoos are affectionate, intelligent and acrobatic. These parrots have exceptional vocal abilities. Hence imitating a human voice is not a difficult job for these birds. They are also dedicated chewers. Hence these parrot species are purchased by many bird lovers. If you bring them in your home, they will surely entertain you. Although these birds can talk, they are good at learning tricks. They are natural puzzle solvers and born escape artists.

If you want to eat nuts but are unable to open them then take the help of cockatoos parrots. Their powerful beaks can open most nuts. Hardest of woods can also be easily destroyed. These birds generally flock together and share a great bonding with their owners.

So if you get bored sitting in your house then just make these cockatoos parrots as your pets. Your boredom will vanish for ever. These species require most affection and attention. You have to spend a lot of time them. You simply cannot ignore these birds.

These birds are very social. Hence, owners should spend some quality time with them everyday. Their craving for attention and natural curiosity makes these birds ideal family pets.You will discover that owing a cockatoo is a very rewarding and a wonderful experience.

The various subspecies of cockatoos are palm cockatoos, moluccan cockatoos and umbrella cockatoos. Palm cockatoos are very large and as a result require a large cage.

When bathing your cockatoo a good shower a couple of time a week will do the trick. Keep in mind their natural habitat and the protection it affords them. The jungle trees will naturally protect them from down pours whenever they simply do not want to get wet. Please note that if the back away from the shower of water. Be sure to honor their behavior.

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