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Are lories and lorikeets the same?


Staff member
Greetings from TiktokParrot,

I know so many people are confuse about it and they wonder if lories and lorikeets are the same or they are totally different from each other.

So the question is, are lories and lorikeets the same?

Yes, lories and lorikeets are often used interchangeably to refer to the same group of parrots. They belong to the subfamily Loriinae, which includes small to medium-sized parrots known for their vibrant plumage and specialized brush-tipped tongues adapted for feeding on nectar, pollen, fruits, and flowers.

While "lory" is commonly used to refer to species with a more robust body and shorter tails, "lorikeet" typically describes species with slender bodies and longer tails. However, there is significant overlap between the two terms, and individual species may be referred to as either lories or lorikeets depending on regional and cultural preferences.

Overall, whether referred to as lories or lorikeets, these colorful parrots share many similarities in terms of appearance, behavior, and diet, and both terms are commonly used to describe this diverse group of birds.

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