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What birds can live with lorikeets?


Staff member
Greetings friends,

When considering adding other bird species to live with lorikeets, it's essential to choose compatible companions that have similar dietary and environmental needs. Here are some bird species that can potentially live harmoniously with lorikeets:
  1. Other Lorikeets: Adding additional lorikeets to the same aviary can provide social interaction and companionship for your existing birds. However, it's crucial to ensure that there is enough space and resources to accommodate multiple individuals and prevent territorial conflicts.

  2. Small Parrots: Species such as budgerigars (parakeets), cockatiels, and lovebirds may be compatible with lorikeets due to their similar size and dietary preferences. These smaller parrots can coexist peacefully with lorikeets in a well-planned aviary environment.

  3. Softbills: Some softbill bird species, such as finches and doves, can be suitable companions for lorikeets. These birds have different dietary requirements but can share the same aviary space without direct competition for food.

  4. Non-aggressive Birds: Choose bird species that are non-aggressive and unlikely to bully or intimidate lorikeets. Avoid adding species known for their territorial behavior or aggression towards other birds.

  5. Similar Temperament: Consider the temperament and social dynamics of both the lorikeets and potential companion species. Birds with similar temperaments and activity levels are more likely to coexist peacefully in the same aviary.

  6. Compatibility Testing: Before introducing new birds to an existing lorikeet aviary, it's essential to monitor their interactions closely to ensure compatibility. Introduce birds gradually and observe their behavior to prevent aggression or territorial disputes.

  7. Proper Supervision: Always provide proper supervision when introducing new birds to an aviary with lorikeets. Be prepared to separate birds if conflicts arise and provide adequate space and resources for each individual.
It's essential to research the specific care requirements and social behaviors of each bird species before introducing them to live with lorikeets. Proper planning, monitoring, and attention to the needs of all birds involved can help create a harmonious and enriching aviary environment for your feathered companions.

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