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100 Parrot Names (Popular & Beautiful)


Staff member
Greetings from TiktokParrot,

If you're here, you're likely pondering what to name your chirpy little friend—your parrot!

Deciding on a name can be tougher than teaching a parrot to say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" backwards! I get it, everyone's a chirp-critic when it comes to naming pets. So, let's wing it together! Dive into this thread for a squawk-load of parrot names. Who knows? Maybe you'll find one that'll make your feathered friend flap with joy!

Choosing a name for your African Grey parrot is an exciting part of bringing them into your family.
Here are some African Grey parrot names that you might find fitting:
  1. Angel
  2. Apollo
  3. Basil
  4. Beatrix
  5. Beethoven
  6. Bella
  7. Blue
  8. Bluebeard
  9. Blueberry
  10. Buddy
  11. Buzz
  12. Casanova
  13. Casper
  14. Charlie
  15. Castor
  16. Cleo
  17. Cinnamon
  18. Coco
  19. Cupcake
  20. Cupid
  21. Dante
  22. Echo
  23. Einstein
  24. Emerald
  25. Elvis
  26. Forest
  27. Gandalf
  28. Gemma
  29. Gizmo
  30. Hero
  31. Jazz
  32. Jack
  33. Jagger
  34. Jasmine
  35. Jazzy
  36. Jellybean
  37. Jinx
  38. Kiwi
  39. Kiki
  40. Lenny
  41. Leo
  42. Lola
  43. Luna
  44. Lulu
  45. Mitthu (It was my parrot name)
  46. Marley
  47. Marmalade
  48. Mango
  49. Max
  50. Merlin
  51. Mocha
  52. Misty
  53. Mozart
  54. Neptune
  55. Nova
  56. Oscar
  57. Ozzy
  58. Orion
  59. Ollie
  60. Pebbles
  61. Peanut
  62. Peaches
  63. Pepper
  64. Picasso
  65. Pickles
  66. Pippin
  67. Pixie
  68. Polly
  69. Pollyanna
  70. Phoenix
  71. Quasar
  72. Rainbow
  73. Rio
  74. Rocky
  75. Ricky
  76. Rex
  77. Rosie
  78. Ruby
  79. Sirius
  80. Sassy
  81. Skittles
  82. Skye
  83. Squawk
  84. Sunshine
  85. Sunny
  86. Tango
  87. Taz
  88. Tiki
  89. Tinkerbell
  90. Tilly
  91. Tootsie
  92. Ulysses
  93. Vega
  94. Willow
  95. Winnie
  96. Yoda
  97. Ziggy
  98. Zara
  99. Zephyr
  100. Zoe
Feel free to choose any name that resonates with you and your African Grey parrot!

These names offer a diverse range of options, from traditional to quirky, to suit your African Grey parrot's personality and charm. Take your time to find the perfect name that resonates with both you and your feathered friend!

I would say when choosing a name, consider your parrot's personality, physical characteristics, or unique traits. You can also take inspiration from their vocalizations, behaviors, or favorite activities. Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose a name that resonates with you and your parrot and reflects the special bond you share.

If you find this thread/post informative, feel free to share it with your family or friends as it might be helpful to them.

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Stay safe!