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What temperature is too cold for an African GREY?


Staff member
African Grey parrots, those stunning birds with the gift of gab, are used to toasty African temperatures. But what happens when the mercury dips? Can they handle a Canadian winter or a breezy British morning? Let's break it down, minus the scientific jargon.

Imagine yourself in a swimsuit – that's probably a bit too cool for your Grey. They're comfy in temperatures around 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit (20-25 degrees Celsius), which is basically sweater weather for us humans. Anything much colder, and they might start to puff up their feathers like a tiny, feathered Michelin Man, trying to trap all that precious body heat.

Now, here's the thing: African Greys can tolerate short bursts of cooler temps, like if you accidentally leave the window open for a few minutes. But prolonged exposure to the cold can be dangerous. They could get sick or, in extreme cases, even lose their feathers (eek!).

So how to keep your feathered friend happy when the temperature drops? Here are some tips:
  • Think "tropical paradise" indoors: Keep their living area nice and toasty, ideally with a space heater or strategically placed perch near a warm vent.
  • Sun's out, feathers out! Supervised playtime by a sunny window can be a great way for them to soak up some natural warmth.
  • Feathery fashion matters: Consider a little birdie sweater for extra coziness. Just make sure it's comfortable and they can't chew it to shreds (because, let's face it, Greys are notorious chewers!).
Remember, these are intelligent creatures who can communicate their discomfort. If your Grey seems sluggish, fluffs up constantly, or shivers, it's a sign they're cold. So crank up the heat (a little!), cuddle up with your feathered friend, and keep them toasty! After all, a happy Grey is a chatty Grey, and who doesn't love a good conversation with their avian companion? :D