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What Breed of Parrot Makes the Best Pets for Kids and Families


Staff member
Studies show that one of the most ideal pets for kids are birds, especially parrots. This is because parrots are very intelligent animals that can easily interact with people especially with kids. Aside from being intelligent birds, parrots are also ideal for kids especially for those who are starting to recite their first words because they can teach kids to imitate sounds and the human language as well.

Knowing various parrots species:

If you have decided to have a parrot as a pet for your kids, then it is now time to do some research. Through your research about various parrot species, you can determine which one is the best for your kids. You will also get an idea how to take good care of them and teach the proper ways of taking care of the parrot to your kids.

Parrots are known to live for more than 50 years. It means that if you decide to have it as a pet, it will be a lifelong commitment not only for you but for your kids as well. If you are willing to take care of this pet for the rest of your lives, then, you should contemplate very well what species you want to have.

Of all the kinds of birds out there, parrots are very popular because they have at least 18 different species. Each of this specie possesses different sets of nature and behavior depending on its place of origin and background of natural habitat.

Experts say that the best type of parrot that is easy to take care of is the humble budgerigar or budgie, that are often called parakeets especially in the United States. Budgies can easily be trained and tamed just like other parrots and are found to be quite hardy birds. Budgies can be very entertaining since they can be quite active are often talkative but not loud and you will find them to be very friendly pets.

If you want a very intelligent parrot you should opt for the African grey parrot proven to be one of the most brilliant breeds, an incredible talker or speaker of all the parrots. This is one reason so many pet parrot owners chose the African grey parrot, they have the ability to learn quickly and even have demonstrated the ability to put together whole phrases with clear understanding.

One cautionary note about African greys, due to their amazing intelligence they thrive on attention given to them and do require an enormous amount of time. They can live to be 50 to 70 years old and obviously as a result require major commitment from you in terms of time and resources.

There are many other parrot species to consider in addition to the Budgies and African grey parrot.

"The Indian Ringneck Parrot is considered a good family bird because they do not generally bond with one caretaker and instead become fond of all members of a family. They're incredibly good talkers and can learn a vocabulary of up to 50 words! Due to their incredible intelligence it is strongly recommended to provide your parakeet with plenty of mentally stimulating toys of all shapes, colors, sizes and materials. Toys that challenge them to solve a puzzle are particularly good."

The affectionate and loyal nature of the Amazon make this bird a wonderful pet for those experienced with companion parrots. Amazons are highly intelligent and require a devoted owner who is willing to provide significant and meaningful attention, as well as stimulus such as chewing toys to keep them happy and healthy.

Hand reared male birds from aviary bred parents make the best pets. Amazons are generally easily trained and have an excellent talking ability. If not provided with the necessary training and socialization, the Amazon can become aggressive and susceptible to other behavioral problems. The Amazon is a loving and sociable parrot originating from South America.

Understand the importance of choosing a pet parrot that is right for you and your family is a big responsibility. Learn as much as you can about the specific parrot breed you are considering before you make a commitment that may easily last a lifetime.

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