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Types of African Grey Parrot Toys


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Providing toys for your Grey is absolutely essential. He needs toys to prevent boredom and keep his mind active. Without toys, your Grey can easily develop behaviour problems like screaming, feather plucking, and biting. Grey toys come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colours. However, all toys are not made for every Grey. It's important to provide the right toys for your Grey's. Some toys for larger Greys can be harmful to smaller Greys and some toys for smaller Greys can be harmful to larger Greys. It's important to know what to look for
Greys need a variety of different toys to ensure that their physical and mental needs are being met. Pick toys of different types to make sure your pet bird is happy, healthy, and well occupied.

Types of Grey Toys


Foraging toys are highly recommended by avian professionals because they provide an outlet that requires your bird to work for his food like he would have to do in the wild.

Stress and boredom can lead to your bird over-preening or feather plucking. Preening toys (such as rope) are a great outlet for birds to satisfy their need to preen.

Shredding toys are also great for relieving stress and boredom for your pet bird. Nothing is more fun than tearing up a new toy!

Chew toys are great for pet birds because chewing is a major part of a wild bird's life. Chewing is especially important for larger parrots.

Birds enjoy physical contact with each other in the wild. Pet birds need the same thing--they like to cuddle with or crawl into something soft. This help alleviate stress and provides a sense of security for your bird.

Exercise toys such as swings and ladders are perfect for encouraging movement and physical exercise.

Important Toy Features

Attachments - The safest toy attachments are C-rings. They are safe to use for all Greys. The most dangerous attachments are the keychain ring and split rings. Bird toes have been caught in a number of these rings because of their size and shape.

• Rope and Chain - Grey toys are usually hanging by a rope or chain. Make sure that they are close-linked chains (at the right size) and that whatever holding it is strong enough for your Grey (or you'll just be replacing it the next day).

• Material - Toys are made out of all kinds of material. The most common are fabric, wood, plastic, leather, and rope. Fabric is a favourite and are great for Greys with a habit of feather plucking. Wood is very common and great for chewing--choose wood toys that are made with natural wood and Greys really like ones with colours (non-toxic, of course). Plastic toys are best for smaller Greys because larger birds can crack them and ingest pieces. Leather is fun, but difficult to clean and you need to make sure that no toxins were used to treat it. Rope is definitely a popular favourite because birds love to preen them.

We hope we've helped you in your bird toy hunting endeavour!

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