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The African Grey Parrot Perch


Staff member
Listen To Your African Grey Parrot Talking And Get The Right Perch For Your Cage

When you buy your bird cage it will probably come with wooden doweling perches. These are not satisfactory as an African grey parrot perch. There will probably be two and you need to change them for natural home cut perches as soon as you can.

Have a look around your garden or local park for natural perches. The African grey parrot perch shouldn't consist of just horizontal bits of wood. A horizontal perch can go in front of the food trays but the others should be exciting shapes and sizes. If you don't have any in your own garden perhaps a friend has a few branches you can have. You won't hear your African grey parrot talking if he is not happy with his cage.

Wild birds don't always land on horizontal branches, they also go for vertical ones and ones of differing sizes as well. We should try and do the same in our cages and aviaries. Perches cut from trees are good for your bird's feet, it keeps them exercised at the same time as keeping the toe nails in good condition.

Perches from the garden can be stripped of their bark which is not only fun for your bird but good for keeping his beak in great condition. Home cut branches can be chewed and stripped by your bird. This also helps to keep your bird from feeling bored and plucking his feathers. Bored birds are unhappy birds. If you plan on listening to your African grey parrot talking try and keep him as happy as possible.

There are cement perches being sold in pet shops. These also are not satisfactory as an African grey parrot perch as they are cold and hard and not much fun for your bird. Pet shops also sell sandpaper to cover the wooden doweling perches to keep nails short and in good condition. These are not recommended for use as an African grey parrot perch - can you imagine walking around on sandpaper all day? Would that encourage you to be vocal? Why then put your bird through this? If you want to hear your African grey parrot talking try and make him as comfortable as possible.

Make your bird cage or aviary bird friendly by using a little imagination in cutting different sizes and shapes of branches. With minimal effort you can make your bird's life so much more interesting and exciting so give it a go. Your bird will love you for it.

If you find this thread/post informative, feel free to share it with your family or friends as it might be helpful to them.

Stay safe!​