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Right Diet For African Grey Parrot


Staff member
The Right African Grey Parrot Diet Can Heal Your Bird

The right African Grey parrot diet can help to heal your bird of stress disorders. Parrots show stress in many different ways. They can feather pluck, self-mutilate or suffer from repeated bouts of illness. Good nutrition can help them to successfully get through these times of stress but it must be done gradually.

Keep a positive attitude when attempting to change your parrot's diet. Remember if you would like to train your bird and hear your African grey parrot talking that diet plays a big part in ensuring a happy and healthy bird.

Parrots are clever enough to self medicate. In other words they will select from their food dishes the foods best suited to healing their ailments. The African Grey parrot diet should include food with enzymes, amino-acids, vitamins, carbohydrates, water, fats and anti-oxidants and given to them every day. No longer in the wild, and with creatures of his own kind, your parrot depends on you to provide foods that will help and nourish him. Remember vegetables are the best for providing everything your parrot needs for a happy healthy life.

Fruits are next in line and a good variety of both fruit and vegetables should be offered to your bird daily. Sprouts are also very good for your bird. These can very easily be grown by you in your own kitchen and offered fresh to your bird. Offer different nutritious foods to your bird gradually. Introduce one or two new foods at a time but don't overdo it.

Take note of what your bird likes and what gets tossed from his cage. Keep a record of his likes and dislikes in a notebook. This will come in handy if for some reason you are not available to feed your bird and someone else has to do it for you.

Ask yourself on a regular basis if you believe, diet wise, you are doing the best possible for your bird. Are you ensuring he gets the right amount of nutrition? Is his diet varied and balanced? Is your bird getting everything he needs to stay healthy and happy? Does he look if he is happy and healthy. If your bird is not happy and healthy you will soon pick it up in his appearance and demeanour.

Hear Your African Grey Parrot Talking On A Balanced Diet

Ensuring your bird has a diet that is balanced and varied takes time and effort. Parrots, like children, can be very demanding anyway and take a lot of your time.
So becoming a parrot owner requires commitment on your part and this includes making sure your bird is fed properly. And in fact owning a parrot can be as demanding as raising your own children with probably the only difference being that long after your children have left home your parrot will still be with you and hopefully by then you will have time to listen to your African grey parrot talking.

Remember - vegetables, fruits, sprouts, cereals, nuts and seeds. Please don't offer your bird seed every day. Sunflower seeds given every day can be dangerous as too much of them can often cause a fatal lung infection. But they do need some to help keep their feathers in tip-top condition.

Keep doing the best you can and ensure your African Grey parrot diet is varied and you will be the proud owner of a happy healthy parrot.

If you find this thread/post informative, feel free to share it with your family or friends as it might be helpful to them.

Stay safe!​