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How to tell if a parrot likes you?


Staff member
Cracking the code on your parrot's feelings can feel trickier than deciphering a teenager's eye roll. Do they genuinely adore you, or are they just after the endless supply of sunflower seeds and head scratches? Here's the good news, parrot lovers: unlike interpreting your boss's vague emails, figuring out your feathered friend's affection is pretty straightforward...once you know the signs!

Parrots, believe it or not, crave connection just like us humans (although hopefully with better table manners). So, how do these feathered Einsteins show their love? Buckle up for some clues that your parrot might be saying, "You're my human and I wouldn't trade you for a lifetime supply of crackers!"
  • The Snuggle is Real: If your parrot seeks out shoulder perches, nuzzles your neck, or even tries to burrow under your shirt for a nap, that's a big sign they consider you their personal cuddle puddle. Basically, they're saying, "Hey, human hot water bottle, can I borrow some warmth?"
  • Preening Party Time: In the wild, preening each other is how parrots strengthen bonds. So, if your little buddy is gently nibbling on your hair or clothes, don't swat them away! They might be giving you a, well, unique makeover. Just be prepared for a hairstyle that would make a peacock jealous.
  • Happy Dance Extravaganza: Ever witness your parrot bobbing its head, swaying its body, or fluffing its feathers like a disco ball when you enter the room? That's their version of a happy dance, a joyful display that they're pumped to see their favorite human.
  • Gifts (with questionable wrapping): Now, this one might take some getting used to. In the bird world, regurgitating food is a sign of affection, like sharing a gourmet meal. Maybe politely decline and offer some millet instead?
  • The Chatty Cathy (or Carl): If your parrot mimics your words and phrases, it's not just mocking you (although sometimes it might feel that way). It shows they're paying attention and want to communicate with you. They might even invent their own silly sounds just for you – their personalized love song, perhaps?
As I mentioned before in my many threads, that every parrot is an individual, so their way of showing affection might be unique. But by keeping an eye out for these signs, you can unlock the secret language of your feathered friend. Just be prepared for the occasional feather shower or a surprise beakful of kibble – it's all part of the wonderfully messy world of parrot love!