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How to feed African Grey Parrot?


Staff member
Food/Nutrition is very important for an African Grey Parrot to grow happy and healthy. There is no one type fits all in the matter of your grey nourishment (food).
Pelleted diets should form the foundation of the diet, however, ought to be supplemented with different vegetables and fresh fruits and also proteins and grains.

A little of seed blend can be added to, remembering that seeds have some nutritious esteem and this I essential in greys diet Feeding your bird the right food is absolutely essential to his health (and lifespan!) And feeding different types of birds the same diet doesn't work either. It's important to provide a diet that is safe, healthy, and yummy.

Packaged bird food comes in all shapes, sizes, colours, and ingredients. So, it's important to know what is the best food for your individual bird. At the point when looking for nourishment, there are great deals on things you have to think seriously about.

Food to avoid in your African greys diets​

These are dangerous to greys and ought to never be present in their food under any situation in light of the fact that they can bring about serious medical issues
• Alcohol
• Avocado
• Caffeine
• Chocolate
• Fruit pits and the substance around them (contain cyanide)
• Rhubarb

Good diets are highly recommended and should consist of 60–70% of the diet; use fortified seeds in moderation as they are higher in fat and less nutritious than pellets Fresh fruits and vegetables, such as grapes, bananas, and carrots.

Clean, fresh, filtered and chlorine-free water changed daily, Fresh fruits and vegetables should be given daily; discard when not eaten within 24 hours; parrots appreciate the quality and variety in their food.

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Stay safe!