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Creating a home for an African Grey Parrot


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Your pet requires certain sorts of parrot cages. There is no size-fits-all when it comes to the parrot cage. Your parrot cage is his château and where he will be investing the vast majority of his time and energy. Along these lines, it's vital that you give a cage that is agreeable, safe, and exciting.

Parrot cages come in all sizes and shapes and it's crucial for you to know the best for your parrot. At the point when looking for cages, there are a great deal of things you have to put into consideration.

This encompasses and it does not exclude: the cage shape, base and size, cage door type, material, safety, and for the purpose of your purse, transportation and cost.

Essential Cage Features

Here are the most essential cage structures/features you have to think seriously about when looking for parrot cages all alone:

• Shape and size - Your pet cage should be as substantial as you can bear the cost of and have space for. On the other hand, the bar separating additionally should be a good fit for your parrot so he can't escape or get his head stuck between the bars.

• Materials - Cages arrive in a mixture of diverse materials. The best material for this type of cage IS stainless steel. It's protected, doesn't rust, and is exceptionally solid and sturdy. Wooden Cage, bamboo, or other semi hard material can without much of a stretch be bitten through and are purposed pointless.

Cage Base

Some cages accompany play enters at the side or top of the cage. These are awesome and your pet may invest a considerable measure of his time and energy there so it's imperative that they are protected and have food and water dishes connected.

Change purchasing isn't an easy task, so we've done the diligent work for you and have discovered the best cages highlights for your parrot.

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Stay safe!