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African Grey Parrot Price & Owning Cost


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African Grey Parrot Price & Owning Cost

Greetings friends,

Well, well, well, look who's thinking about adding a touch of gray to their life! That's right, folks – today, we're tackling the age-old question that has aspiring parrot parents squawking with anticipation: How much does it really cost to bring home an African Grey Parrot?

African grey parrots are highly sought after due to their high intellect, loyalty, and sociable nature. For these reasons, African greys build strong bonds with their owners. African grey parrots are relatively expensive birds, even though they’re among the most popular pet parrots.


First things first, type of Grey Parrots?

Most of the people do not know that there are two types of Grey Parrots. One is Timneh and the other is Congo, the two parrots have slight differences in color.

The Timneh is a dark, charcoal grey, while the Congo can range from dark to light grey. The Timneh also has a pink upper beak, but the Congo has a solid black beak. The tail feathers of the Congo African gray are bright red, but the Timneh has dark maroon tail feathers. The Congo and the Timneh, both originate from Africa but in different regions.

My Mitthu (TiktokParrot) is a Congo Grey Parrot, in the attached screenshot I can show you the clear difference between Timneh & Congo grey parrot;

So now you know the two types of Grey Parrots, and when you are buying one, make sure you know what you are buying. The African grey parrot is one of the most talented talking/ mimicking birds on the planet, giving it quite a reputation among bird enthusiasts. Now let’s stick to the topic, we are about to talk the price of grey parrots.

How Much Do African Grey Parrots Cost?

You can find an African Grey parrot priced at around $1500 on the lower end and $3500 on the higher end. This price varies only slightly depending upon which subspecies of the bird that you buy. This will either be a Timneh African Grey or a Congo African Grey, with Congo Grey being the most common option.

Also pricing depends on countries as well, in some countries you can buy at more lower price and in some countries the price can be extremely expensive. As I live in the UAE, the price for a grey parrot in the UAE starts from 2000 AED (Dirhams) and can go up to 3000 AED (Dirhams). (Between 545 USD to 820 USD ). Read complete article here!
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