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African grey parrot beak and nail trimming?


Staff member
The nails grow continually and can get very sharp so will need trimming. You can either use a nail trimming perch which works very well, or you can use various types of nail files, provided your Grey will allow this. If you use nail clippers you need to be very careful not to cut down to the blood supply.

If the nails are long they might be more likely to bleed because the blood supply is closer to the tip. This will recede with gradual clipping. Babies have to learn how to perch and can be unsteady but the nails help them to grip so shouldn't be cut too short.

Beaks also grow all the time but are normally kept in trim during eating and playing. Sometimes parts of the beak look a bit flaky but this is normal because they are composed of layers. Excessive flaking, chipping or overgrowing can indicate a nutritional problem or illness.

If the beak does get overgrown it is best to have it dealt with by the vet because they also have a blood supply, and they need careful shaping if they are going to be trimmed.

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Stay safe!