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African Grey dandruff / feather dust / dander


Staff member
By nature African Grey parrot known to have excessive powder.
People call it feather dust or dandruff, actual name for it is parrot dander. Some people are allergic to dander or will become allergic with over exposure. So before buying bird seriously consider this fact.

I see often people selling African Grey Parrot because of allergy problem.

There are few ways to keep dander on down level, and few things you must do:

You should mist your bird daily with pure water or dander down solution. Also humidity is very important to these birds.
You should give your bird nice shower 2-3 times a week, I am talking nice soaker, if you know what I mean. Just keep a nice big bawl of fresh water and let the bird dip in.
Air purifier in the room near cage should help allot. Also regular cleaning, vacuuming, dusting helps too.
When showering your bird make sure your bird don’t go to bed wet, give him few hours to dry out. Never dry your bird with human hair dryer.

I used to give my bird Red Palm Oil, it’s recommended for African Grey especially. From what I read, it greatly helps with the dry skin on the Greys.
Now you know basics about feather dust in African Grey parrots.

Good luck friends!
Happy birding!